The Photo Gallery

Here are the archived photos from all of the 2000 events that we received submissions for. We would love to get some photographs from all of the events that aren't currently in the gallery, so if you have some pictures that you would be willing to let us borrow, scan and return, please write us.

November 2000 Photos

  1. Enter the Anubis Club
    - Ms. Vita greets club patrons
  2. Regent Artaud's message
  3. A Gathering
    - Prince Fontage speaks to Archon Suriyel, Crow and Shattered
  4. A Dashing Duo
  5. The Grendel Grapple
  6. A gathering of Malkavians
  7. John Q. Public
    - new ST on the Block
  8. Dr. Nalcon in conference
  9. Keeping Watch
    - Prophet and Mr. T covering all routes
  10. Nicholas of the Setites
  11. The Sewers
    - a view of the Nosferatu Battleground
  12. The Nosferatu Wall of Voodoo

October 2000 Photos

  1. Toreador Unbound- Josephina, Sabine, Ms. Vita and Nathaniel
  2. Dire Consequences- a man of grave intent
  3. Antonia- "Hey Malks, can you spare a mime?"
  4. N'stasha of Clan Toreador
  5. Kaleb, Elder of Clan Toreador
  6. Prince Genevieve Fontage in Masquerade attire
  7. A vigilant Mr. Johnson guarding Sun Lau, Tzimisce elder
  8. Antonin Artaud (Tremere) considers the fall from Jacob's Ladder
  9. Mill, an Elder of the Brujah
  10. Marcus Blackwell (Ghoul) and Ashley Covington (Ventrue) in the Anubis Club
  11. A Nosferatu and his Bride
  12. Mr Johnson in the Anubis Club
  13. A patron of the Anubis Club
September 2000 Photos

  1. Prince Genevieve Fontage - Ventrue
  2. Prophet and Mr T - Malkavian
  3. Draven, Lovich and their associate - Gangrel and Ventrue
  4. Jones and Kaleb in the Anubis Club - Brujah and Toreador
  5. A Nosferatu Warning
  6. Maxamilian, Cullen Bishop and Karl Whale - Nosferatu
  7. Monsters of the Underground - Clan Nosferatu
  8. Karl Whale - Nosferatu
  9. Dante de la Hoya and Karl Whale - Nosferatu
  10. A Murder of Crow's - Clan Malkavian
August 2000 Photos

  1. An Anubis Club performance
    - Cosmic Josh Brown plays Sitar
  2. Dante de la Hoya
  3. The Nosferatu Karl Whale
  4. The Foyer of the Anubis Club
  5. The Brujah Clan
June 2000 Photos

  1. Madness, Beauty and Style
    - Max Kruger, Catherine DesForges and an unknown Nos
  2. Bron Giovanni, a fashion victim
  3. Cullen Bishop, a victim's fashion
  4. Guarding the Giovanni Auction
    - Edgar and Porthos of clan Brujah
  5. Billy Bennett in Brujah evening wear
  6. Antonia Müeller, strictly business
  7. The Giovanni Auction
  8. The Giovanni Auction II
  9. Suriyel and Skyler
  10. We laugh at your plight
    - Cassus Chambers and his lovely companion
  11. Pure Evil - Antonin Artaud
  12. It's okay, we won't hurt you...much
    - Ren, Porthos and Stephan Jefferson
  13. Anita, the savory new servant of Bron Giovanni
  14. Lovich and Boggs of Clan Ventrue
April 2000 Photos

  1. The Wake of Vittorio Enzo Giovanni
  2. Adelaide, Howard A Dunwich and Antonia Müeller
  3. Dr Ted Vail and Erik von Magnus
  4. Mantegnan von Licht, Seth Atkins and Clytemnestra North
  5. Clytemnestra North and N'stasha Ariel
  6. Billy Bennett and Sam
March 2000 Photos

  1. High Lord Solomon Moussilon
  2. The wedding of House Moussilon
  3. Aregano Firegutt hosts the reception
  4. Lady Dechalla, the Setite
  5. A Lady of House Moussilon
  6. The House Moussilon wedding cake
  7. Maxamillian of Clan Nosferatu
  8. Mantegnan vonLicht and Bron Giovanni
  9. High Lord Solomon Moussillon and Lady Dechalla Moussillon
  10. AIT Storytellers Ash Lovins and Stephen Morton
  11. A member of House Moussillon
  12. Lady Dechalla Moussillon (Setite) and Aregano Firegutt (Gangrel)
  13. High Lord Solomon Moussillon
  14. The Moussillon Wedding Ceremony
February 2000 Photos

  1. Mantegnan Von Licht & Adelaide
  2. Angelique, Malkavian
  3. Billy Bennett, Brujah
  4. The Light!! It Burns!!
  5. Kurt Meyer, Malkavian

The photographs from all of our 1999 events can be found in the 1999 Events Photo Gallery.


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