The Photo Gallery

Here are the archived photos from all of the 1999 events that we received submissions for. We would love to get some photographs from all of the events that aren't currently in the gallery, so if you have some pictures that you would be willing to let us borrow, scan and return, please write us.

December 1999 Photos

  1. Ventrue Toughs
  2. Bron "Santa" Giovanni
  3. Prince Genevieve Fontage
  4. Marcus Blackwell, Ventrue Ghoul
  5. Countess Dechalla, Setite
  6. The Anubis Club
  7. Christmas in the Anubis Club
November 1999 Photos

  1. Bron Giovanni
  2. Ramius Markov
  3. Stephan Jefferson
  4. Lord Fitzroy
October 1999 Photos

  1. Masquerade Revelers in the Anubis Club
  2. Bron Giovanni as Baron Samedi
  3. Mantegnan VonLicht
  4. Into the Labyrinth
  5. Uwe Oppenheimer and John Simpson Dyer
  6. Bartholomew, Erik Corley and Lovich
  7. Malkavian Scheming?
  8. Rosalind McDermott
  9. The Lady Malkavians
  10. High Stakes Gambling in the Anubis Club
  11. Father Black
September 1999 Photos

  1. A Ghost of Year's Past
  2. Kurt Meyer of Clan Malkavian
  3. Samuramat of Clan Toreador
  4. Dr Ted Vail in the Anubis Club
  5. Two Toreador at play
August 1999 Photos

  1. Kaleb and Samuramat of the Toreador
  2. Bron Giovanni in the Anubis Club
  3. Wall Painting in the Anubis Club
  4. The Ventrue Clan Meeting
  5. The Ventrue Clan Meeting II
  6. Damon Young performs at the Anubis Club
  7. Francois, Becca, Boggs and Alec
  8. Enzo, Steed, Meyer and Ash Styphon
  9. Kaleb, Simon StCroix and Bobby Ray
  10. Enzo Alzaga in the Anubis Club

July 1999 Photos

  1. Firestorm of Clan Tremere
  2. Warlock, Shadowmaster of Clan Tremere
  3. Mikhail Karpov accepting the Regency from Arliss Khavkin

June 1999 Photos

  1. Robert Steiger, Ash Styphon and Mary McKay
  2. Kaleb, Wynn and Madolyn of the Toreador
  3. A Ventrue and a Gangrel
  4. Madolyn, Stephen Harris and Strife of Clan Tremere
  5. Psyche
  6. The Logistics Table
  7. The Ventrue
  8. Brutus and Damon, two Ventrue Ghouls
  9. Warlock and Prince Arliss Khavkin
  10. Several Tremere
  11. Rena, one of the Storytellers
  12. The Brujah


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