Cast of Current Characters

Big Mike of Clan Malkavian

Big Mike is one of Atlanta's more recent arrivals and additions to the Malkavian Clan. Hailing from the Lone-Star state, Dallas in particular, Big Mike is the strong-arm of the Malkavians, providing unusual muscle for a member of a group more associated with brains than brawn.

Big Mike is an outgoing individual, a necessary characteristic for one involved in the sale of illicit substances, as Big Mike is rumored to be. He also seems to have an unusual number of contacts among the "Mad Hatters," a gang of growing influence in southeastern Atlanta.

One of Big Mike's most noteworthy (or notorious) acts since arriving in Atlanta was the torporing of Kaleb, Seneschal of Atlanta, which ultimately led to Kaleb's capture by Simon St. Croix of the Tremere. Though Big Mike claims to have acted in self defense, a claim which gains some credence in that Prince Fontage refrained from punishing him, there are those who dismiss the act as simply malicious. Regardless of his intent in his conflict with Kaleb, Big Mike remains as guardian of the Malkavians, serving as bodyguard for any among their number who ask for his help.


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