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"Grendel, Grendel, Grendel!!!"

Do you hear them? Do you see them? Maybe not… but it doesn't mean they aren't there. Just because you don't feel the ring beneath you… doesn't make you safe from the "demon spike", my devastating finishing move. So do not anger me.

I am their hero. I am there champion. I will turn down no challenge. I will walk away from no fight.

They are my family. Even the one I serve closest when the crowd dies takes a second seat to the masses. Their voice is so overwhelming, that I would do anything to please them. If they want me to use a chair… then I will. If they want to see my opponent bleed, then bleed he shall, but in the end… Only my name will they chant.

That is why I am to be feared. No, I am not a vampire, but I control the mob, 20,000 screaming voices that are always ready to come to my aid. If I can feel their pats on my back… then you must be able to feel their wrath.

Listen to them cheer! But… what's happening? They are getting quiet. The ring is fading away. The arena melts into nothing. I am alone. I am alone in the dark, serving the one. Could all that had been, been part of my imagination? The cheers, the canvas, and ropes? No! It can't be! I could feel them! I could feel them… You cant touch something that's only a vision… can you?


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