Cast of Current Characters

Howard Dunwich

Its hard to talk about yourself when you've pieced what you know together from fragments. Thats part of the reason why i don't do interviews or public appearances... and admittedly the shroud of mystery has done wonders for my publicity efforts. But as you are a special audience i shall do my best to explain myself...

I've pieced my story together from the stories i've written, where they've been published, and the things i've accumulated. It seems that i probably grew up in the northeast, attending Brown (probably for undergrad) and Harvard (either as a transfer or for grad work). based on my knowledge of Latin and Hebrew, and the books that i've held onto, i was probably a student of theology or classics. If i achieved degrees, i have no diplomas as record of such.

I've pretty much always been into dark fiction, and i've gotten quite a cult following since i've started publishing my horror-zine on the web. I attribute my fascination with dark art as well as my amnesia to personal experience. Though my stories are my only memory, I am quite certain that i have been privy to secrets that man was not meant to know.


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