Cast of Current Characters

Jonathan Crow

(Crow was killed July 13 2002,by order of the former prince)

As told by Euchrid A Yossarian, Sabbat Bishop of Orlando, to Joey "Skank" Callahan, homeless resident of Orlando.

"I would thrust my fingers into your eyes to best illustrate, but you'd probably resist, as you always do.

"Mr. Crow flits about his business with the attention to detail we normally attribute to the devil, were the position not already taken. Never holding the thorny, thorny crown for himself, he gladly plants it with random determination upon the itching, waiting scalp of whichever Malkavian desires to be called popinjay of the night.

"But not Jonathan Crow.
No matter.
I hear he's done a new production:

"He's not one of mine, alas, but the invitation is always open...after all, he helped me get a particularly rusty jar open once. Because heat expands, you see. But if his tiniest finger points upwards in prominence, so must my vision and cause, by default. We're only two sides of an infinite-sided coin, you know. Mr. Crow-ley would say something about the Tree of Life, but it only has so many branches on which the birds may roost. And we need a place where any bird may roost, no matter what breed...and lay their eggs. And when Crow eggs hatch, very strange birds are going to emerge.

"Now quit squirming. This is a learning experience."


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