Cast of Current Characters

Kaleb of Clan Toreador, Former Prince


(Kaleb's reign ended July 13 2002, when Antonin Artaud claimed the throne)


Kaleb was promoted from the role of Primogen to Seneschal and recently he was
elected Prince of Atlanta.
Kaleb recently has undergone a wonderful transformation. He has learned that he
is from an offshoot of Clan Toreador and is from a bloodline called
"D'vorachim". D'vorachim is hebrew for "The Great Speakers". He has learned
that his bloodline started around the time of the Tower of Babel and it's
creator, Nimrod. His Clan is blessed with certain vocal abilities, hence the
Great Speakers. He continues to be very pro-Camarilla until the Inner Council
tells him otherwise.
Kaleb was killed after purportedly ordering the death of Jonathan Crow in July 2002. An angry mob, led by the Tremere Regent Antonin Artaud, stormed into the auditorium killing him and a number of other supporters and some who were supposedly innocent bystanders. Rumors of his collaboration with the Sabbat have neither been confirmed nor denied.



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