Cast of Current Characters

Marcus Edward DeSade
House Tremere

What makes Marcus unique to the Tremere is that he is a collector, a collector of lost lives. Embraced in 1868, right before the begining of the Industrial Age, he has never been able to compleatly let lose of the simpler time from which he had been so violently ripped from. Embraced at the age of 21, Marcus appears as a young man with a shaved head and a goatee. His wardrobe is what most people would consider gothic, but is in fact, items taken from his victims over the years. One of his most prized prossesions is an overcoat taken from a member of the Salvation Army. As Marcus puts it, " The damn fool thought he could save my soul."

Marcus opened his first club in the 1920's, located on Decatur across from the U.S. Mint. The building housed a speakeasy and a curio shop that specialized in rare books and documents related to the occult over the years, both bussinesses have catered to Kindred and kine alike.the speakeasy was housed on the first and second floors. The third floor housed private meeting rooms and chambers, where it was rumored that kine would willingly offer themselves unto the the Kindred. The fourth floor housed Marcus's collections and private chambers.

The current incarnation of the club is called The Abbey, a gothic/industrial club. Fetish shows are held nightly, with pretty, young twenty-somethings performing brandings, peircings, and bloodletting on stage. The Abbey is truly a beautiful club, with two levels opening up into a large performance hall with a maze of catwalks running above. The finest of everything was used throughout the club, no expense was spared. Heavy velvet draperies cover the windows, the finest marble covers the floors, artwork covers the walls thoughout the club from both Kindred and kine artists. The second level is reserved for Kindred and their guests only. it is said that a few Toreador have had to burn willpower to keep from being enthralled, but, this is after all only a rumor.

Over the years, New orleans has become somewhat predictable to Marcus, now he still loves the city, but, he now tiries of the same players year after year. After much thought, Marcus has decided to relocate to Atlanta, he sees much protential in the city. A building downtown has also peaked his intrest. A reincarnation of The Abbey, but on a larger and grander scale.


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