Cast of Current Characters

Molo of Clan Gangrel

"Fuck th' fuckin' fuckers! They think they can just WALTZ into my fuckin' life and fuckin' take over all my fuckin' activities!? Well, I got fuckin' NEWS for you fucks I AIN'T TAKIN' IT! That fuckin' `lay down OUR laws` stuff is fuckin' LAME! All this fuckin' time when th' fuckin' riots were goin' on at Kent State, where th' FUCK were they? When all those fuckin' bastards were tryin' ta put an end to th' best fuckin' party I ever been to at th' Manson Ranch, where the FUCK were they? An' when I got caught up in th' self-righteous bullshit with that fuckin' crazy-ass Kook called `Syd Burn`... well!? Where th' fuck WERE they!?!?"

"Ain't nobody... NOBODY 'round here gonna give a fuck 'bout me, an' I don't need no fuckin' hassle from them! It's even-steven, as I fuckin' see it. I need pain, fuckers! I need strength, fuckers! I NEED TA BLOW SHIT UP! That's how it's done where I'm fuckin' from. No fuss, plenty o' mess! You got a thorn in y'fuckin' side? Call me th' fuckin' tweezers... that's th' shit!"

"As for th' rest o' ya... FUCK YOU! Y'got no CLUE how fuckin' tough th' fuckin' fight's been for me, so fuck off! Just 'cause I'm a fuckin' ingrateful shithead don't mean I'm as STUPID as you think I am, fucker. I'll fuck you up HARDCORE if you fuckin' fuck with me..."

"Oh, yeah... an' for everyone else... fuck th' fuckin' fuckers!"


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