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The following information was stolen from a Emory university psychiatric file. Its dated February 19th, 2001, 1034 p.m.

"...including self mutilation and abuse. His belongings amounted to nothing more than his clothes, including no personal affects. The patient, who calls himself Prophet also exhibits extreme signs of distrust and paranoia. He routinely whispered to himself when questioned, often speaking to a "Mr. T". With no apparent response from a "Mr. T", the patient became more violent and morose. The patient exhibited several cycles of such behavior until becoming suddenly quiet, his attention fixated on a point before him in the room. Whispering to himself in a more subdued, conversational tone, the patient requested a room for the following day. The patient was led to a room where he remains now under lock and key. The patient appears to have a nonfunctional left hand. We will perform a complete physical exam tomorrow to determine the status of his health and a more thorough psychiatric evaluation will follow."

The next evaluation is dated from February 20th, 2001, 834 a.m.

"The patient, Prophet, has apparently escaped from his room unobserved by our guards. Video surveilance caught the young man exiting the clinic late last night, however noone on duty saw the troubled man leave. Even more puzzling is how he managed to escape from his room, which was securely locked from the outside. I can only hope the pitiful individual finds the help he needs, if not here, then somewhere."


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