Cast of Current Characters

Richard Strauss of Clan Tremere

When Strauss first revealed himself outside of Clan Tremere, he was living in New Orleans. A model that all Tremere would do well to follow, he quickly worked his way up the ranks to become the Regent's second-in-command. By the late 1980s he served on the cities Primogen Council and while serving in that capacity, he was recognized for single-handedly preventing a war between the city's administration and the Ventrue of the city. The Prince of New Orleans rewarded Strauss with the position of Seneschal for his admirable service.

Strauss, former CEO of Erickson-Medco Pharmaceuticals, has recently been seen around Atlanta quietly inquiring about those who have sway within the health industry of Atlanta. Perhaps his intentions are benign, but rumors continue to surface that Magus Strauss has been seen offering prayer to Baron Samedi.

Perhaps it was his time spent in Los Angeles that changed Strauss. In the City of Angels he took on a second identity and joined the anarch gang known as 'El Hermindad'. At first Clan Tremere did not mind having one of their own inside the ranks of the anarch movement. As the seemingly rogue Tremere, his renown for his radical religious and political views bloomed. It was when Strauss announced his true identity to leaders of the Anarch Free States that the Tremere realized their error in allowing him such close contact to the anarchs.

Perhaps the high-ranking Tremere feel that the Tremere of Atlanta can help to show Strauss the flaws inherent to his liberal new philosophy. Rumors outside of Atlanta point to the arrival of Magus Richard Strauss as Clan Tremere's last attempt to bring this radical Tremere into their back into their fold with his faculties . . . intact.


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