Cast of Current Characters

Sarah Silkspinner

As Sarah sat balanced on a tree stump in a remote area of forest, she began to write in her Cambridge notebook. Her mind blazed with thoughts of her dear sister and newly acknowledged nephew. Her stubborn minded journey to see what was left of her family had left her feeling emptier than before. She knew she wouldn't be able to show herself, to speak to her, yet she thought the sight of her might give some sort of closure, to know she was o.k. She was terribly wrong. There was nothing for her here. There was nothing for her back in Africa. The growing protection of animals over the years, if not for the diminishing numbers in need of protection, had left her services practically obsolete. But what of things she had learned while passing through Atlanta?

Her creator had been cold and cruel. Only divulging enough information to keep her quiet, though always quiet and confused. But upon meeting the stranger at Emory, her eyes had been opened to so much more. There was much she didn't know and so much she wanted to learn. 'Yes' she thought ' I must go back to Atlanta and stay for a spell.' She sealed the letter, addressed it to a Mr. B. Giovanni and placed it in the band at the birds foot.

As she made her way back to her temporary haven, an ever so silent 'click' was heard coming from below her foot. With remarkable speed she moved her foot away from the impending jaws of a bear trap. -Her beast began to stir- Forcefully, she ripped up the steel trap and journeyed on to find its owner, listening carefully to the wind. She heard someone humming in the near clearing and smelled smoke and fire.

"Well lookie here!" the fat, hunting clad man exclaimed. "What's wrong Red, get lossed on your way to Grandma's?"

"This belong to you?" Sarah held up the trap, a visible sneer crossed her face, "I almost caught my foot in it."

"Then that makes you just a bit smarter than them animals doesn't it?" He burped a putrid concoction of beer and rotting gums. Sarah cursed her well defined sense of smell and instantly appeared in front of the man where she opened and snapped the trap down on the man's leg. Tendons snapped, bone crunched and screams were heard momentarily until Sarah gagged him with her hair scrunchie and the rope she had found nearby.

"You assume I play the part of Red Riding Hood because I am a woman?!?" She giggled mercilessly at the man and could feel her teeth begin their descent as the smell of blood permeated the air. "Now I want you to move away from here as fast as you can." The man, paralyzed with pain and fear of the transformation he was witnessing, didn't move. "Go!" she half yelled, half giggled. The man limped and scurried as best he could, the chain of the trap dragging behind him in a trail of jingling blood. Sarah had almost completely transformed now and was desperately trying to hold herself back so she could give chase to the pathetic being. After all, whats the fun of eating if you can't play with your food. When she could withstand the urge no more, she let off running after the man. The dissappointment of how quickly she caught up to him was simultaneously dissoved with the sweet taste of mortal molasses as she ripped away at the man's throat. Blood spattered across her white fur, her front paws looked as if she had dipped them in red paint.

"Right story, wrong character, dumbass" she giggled to herself as the blood began to flow through her veins......


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