Known Coteries

Sebastian's Brood

There was a time in the history of Atlanta when Sebastian Young and his Boord was the backbone that kept Atlanta from falling into complete anarchy. His power stretched forth across the clans and every enemy feared even the thought of angering him. Young single-handedly redefined Atlanta, and his legacy calls out across the halls of Elysium almost every gathering.

Released from his sire Damien after 60 years of service, Young, along with several other Brujah who were his childer, came to Atlanta in 1992. A strong supporter of the Traditions and ruthlessly efficient killer, Young and his Brood quickly grew in strength and power in the otherwise hostile waters of Atlanta.

Commonly refered to as Sebastian's Brood, the coterie under Young eventually wrestled control of the Brujah away from the much younger Jack Wilde, and after Wilde's fall from Princedom, he took the throne from Wilde's replacement the Ventrue Robert Grimshaw. It was sometime during these years that the Brujah are known to have first adopted the the now infamous call of "BRUJAH."

The power of the Brujah flourished as did Young's authority. Quickly moving to solidify his controls, Young moved other members of his Brood into positions of authority, placing the lovely Natasha Monroe in command of the Brujah and placing other allies into positions of authority in other clans.

Youngs power was almost absolute, second only in raw power to that of three Archons that came to Atlanta in the summer of 1996


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