Known Coteries

The Pack

"The Pack first began to gather in Atlanta towards the end of the Summer of 1995. Their reasons for meeting in Atlanta were never made known and at first they were largely ignored. The Kindred populace of the Domain were more interested at that time in appeasing the trio of archons that the Camarilla had sent in to run the city. No one really seemed to care about a small group of Gangrel wandering in.

Over the years, however, the Pack's presence and reputation has grown. No less than three Pack members have claimed the position of Gangrel Elder and two have served various Princes as members of their Administrations. Countless deaths and disappearances have been attributed to them. Individuals have risen to the position of Prince with their aid while others who held that title have seen it taken from them by individuals supported by the Pack. However, this is only the current history of the Pack."

      - Thorian Vryce       October 7, 1998

So, who are the members of the Pack? Ask this question to a random Kindred and you will receive varied responses. Some will include the entire Administration of this Domain and those who have served it in the past, others will say it is the Gangrel in general. However, ask this question to one of the Pack and you will receive a different response.

As a group, however, the Pack has only acknowledged having had seven members. Although others are hinted at and some outright assumed, only a select few have actually openly held the title 'Member of the Pack.' These include:

Gregor - Gregor was one of the first true Pack members in the city. He has not been seen around since early 1996. Gregor was bloodhunted by the, then Prince, now Archon, Sebastian Young shortly before his sudden promotion and departure to become an Archon. His current whereabouts are unknown.

Ulmont - Arriving around the same time as Gregor, Ulmont was for a period of time the "spokesman" for the Pack. Since having a Blood Hunt called upon him early in 1998 by then Prince of Atlanta, Wallace Earle, he has been roaming North America. Although the Bloodhunt has been publically revoked, by the current Prince Sergei, Ulmont has not chosen to return to Atlanta.

Mort - Arriving a few months after Gregor and Ulmont, Mort is probably the best known of the true Pack members. Known for being downright pissy and rude, he has still served various Princes in the role of Keeper of the Elysium. Mort left Atlanta in August of 1998, the wanderlust of Gangrel blood pulling him away.

"Pegboy" - Very few people know much about the individual we refered to as "Pegboy."

Kevlar - Almost as well known as Mort, the general populace seems to have a decidedly different opinion of Kevalr. A Gangrel elder and currently Keeper of the Elysium, Kevlar is known for his humanitarian side and his strong pro-Kine views.

"Bored" - Unlike the rest of the Pack in Atlanta, Bored was not of Gangrel blood. His blood was Brujah, however his ties to the Pack resulted in him being cast out from his clan. Since his arrival during the summer of 1996, Bored had developed a reputation as a brutual, self-motivated murderer. In September of 1998, Bored was slain by a member of the Sabbat believed to have been an Assamite. In an odd twist of fate, Bored died protecting two neonates from the would be assassin.

Thorian Vryce - The newest member of the Pack to enter the city, however purportedly the oldest member of the Pack active in this modern age. Before his departure in August of 1998, Mort publicvally refered to Thorian as Grandfather. His age and wisened years are obvious, and currently Thorian represents Clan Gangrel as its Primogen.

Nikki Jackson - The least is known about this stoic Gangrel. Known to be a master of Celerity and Protean, Nikki was a fearsome warrior. Typically of the wandering nature of most Gangrel, Nikki Jackson was not in Atlanta long before leaving for parts unknown.

Editor's Note - An interesting sidenote to the Pack is its very name. Obviously a very Sabbat reference, the Pack is actually one of Atlanta's strongest defenses against the Sabbat. Publically the various members of the Pack have been known to ash dozens of Sabbat vampires over the last few years and have solidly proven there loyalty to the Camarilla time and time again. It has been mentioned that perhaps the founders of the original Pack chose the name Pack as a taunt directed towards the Sabbat, but no one is sure.


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