Known Coteries

The Pander Anarchs

"August 99 represents the second anniversary of the Joseph Pander anarch revolt. Although this doesn't seem like much, Mr. Pander and his allies had an effect on the city that night and for months to come."

"Looking back at the events of the night one will notice the "vine creature" that came to the Elysium. He was there because Mr. Pander and Mr. Wormwood lead an expedition down into the sewers to find it, these orders came from Stephan who was then Prince. For this service two Caitiffs in Mr. Panders group were allowed to remain in the city and all of that coterie were granted domain in Little Five Points by Stephan. To this day I believe that they are the only people who were given feeding grounds by Stephan. You will also notice that a pair of hunters came to the Elysium that same month. This was the work of another of Mr. Pander's allies; a rare Toreador anarch Morte'. His large influence in the church gave the revolt a chance to shake up the city. Also during the night a Caitiff in the employ of the Ventrue a Mr. Jonathan Damocles met final death at the hands of the Pack and Rutherford Green. The Caitiff was caught commiting Diablerie by Mr. Wormwood, who promply told then Sheriff of the Domain Mort, who went with his friends to take care of the situation as above."

"Most, like Mr. Pander, disappeared the next month, but a few members still remained. Reginald Bruno, a Gangrel, died protecting the Mound from the Sabbat, his death was avenged shortly afterwards by his clanmates. Alec Empire, a Caitiff adopted by the Brujah, was the reason behind Zach, former member of Vortex, being killed as a Sabbat. You see after Alec was dominated into killing one of Zach's friends, Zach took it upon himself to gain revenge by constantly attacking him with his powers of animalism. When Zach was punished by his then elder, Mort in February 98, he was beaten into torpor and questioned where it was discovered that he had been associating with the Sabbat."

"The only one who remained was Allister Wormwood. Bubzy, as Joey used to call him, was the last surviving member of Pander's revolt. In his own way Mr. Wormwood affected Atlanta many times. From defending the Camarilla and the city in Sergei's jaunt to Tampa and Atlanta's own Crimson Guard to other suspected misdeeds such as breaches of the Masquerade and selling out to the Sabbat."

"Allister was all that remained of Joey's little quest for Atlantian freedom. The names of those brave souls still live in some of our cold hearts; my childe Joseph Pander, Allister "Bubzy" Wormwood, Diamond Joe Quimby, Alec Empire, Reginald Bruno, Morte', Mr. Brown, and the treacherous Karl Nitti. Perhaps one day I will achieve Joey's dream and raise his banner of freedom over Atlanta."

Clan Brujah
Sire and Regnant to Joseph Pander


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