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The name Vortex means a lot of things for a lot of people. The simplest description and perhaps the most accurate way to describe Vortex is as a Collective Vampiric Corporation; not really a coterie, or even a real corporation in the Kine sense.

Vortex recruited neonates and lesser Ancilla, drawing them in and uniting them in simple and easily achieveable goals. As a central staging point for lesser members of Atlanta's society, its raw size and number of associates gave it a considerable power. Vortex gathered the weak and prepared them by properly equiping and training them; all the while making itself stronger.

At the same time because of the raw power it directed it was able to dictate and shape policy. Young vampires grew strong in its shadows and eventually moved on but owed no small debt to Vortex and often were reminded to pay it.

Vortex was a power, and depending on who you ask still is. A power in a away that no single vampire or even group of vampires could understand. It has outlived dozens of coteries, has subtly shaped and been shaped by the politics of Atlanta.

There were times when Vortex was so powerful that it could openly dictate policy to Princes and Elders alike. To walk under Vortex's shadow was an almost certain guarentee to live and thrive, when simply living was a trial for even the most powerful vampires in Atlanta. It was a dangerous time and Vortex made no qualms about doing what was necessary to protect its own.

Vortex was powerful enough that Prince Augustus even went so far as to demand that it take a seat on his Primogen council. Something that Elder vampires to this day still cringe at the thought of.

But as time passes, the glory of old is lost. As time passed and powerful social leaders moved on, Vortex pulled in less and less new members. Strong on an economy of larger numbers of weaker indivduals, Vortex's dwindling numbers hurt boths its raw and effective power level.

In early 1998 under the direction of the young Ventrue ghoul Daniel Morgan, Vortex attempted a rather solid comeback in power. Daniel under the guidance of Ellana Daniels rebuilt the decaying Vortex, and changed the now severly weakened social powerhouse into a physical fortress. Although not as powerful as it was in its hayday, Vortex was again a force and a potential threat to the power of others. That is perhaps why Daniel eventually was killed. As predicted, his death again crippled Vortex and brought it to its knees.

Vortex is now a reborn and being led by the Gravino Family.


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