Anubis the Jackal Anubis Club

The Anubis Club is an Elysium ground and meeting place for Cainites that are a part of the Atlanta Interactive Theatre LARP.

Atlanta Interactive Theatre

Welcome to the Anubis Club

Please, come through our doors and enter a place apart, a place of luxury and refinement set aside from the everyday world of darkness. Here Kindred may take their ease in an atmosphere that caters to their needs, where deals can be arranged, and the senses soothed with diverting entertainment. The harsh repetitions and draining boredom of endless years can be washed away for a time. One's pleasures and needs can be fulfilled, for a small price. Enter through these doors and be welcome in the Anubis Club.

The Anubis Club is a private establishment dedicated to providing a comfortable atmosphere for Kindred to converse in, whether they be making deals, reminiscing of days gone by, or simply displaying their wit. The Club provides a gathering place for Kindred, and a central locale for them to meet, a natural focus for a night's activities. There are frequent Members Only performances, which may vary from the shocking to the sublime, but which always are entertaining.

Kindred mingling in the Anubis Club
Kindred mingling in the Anubis Club

All of this in safety, as the Club is considered Elysium, prohibiting assaults and uses of Kindred disciplines upon those who maintain their peace. This was declared by the Prince of Atlanta, and so infractions within it are subject to reprisal from that august personage. Further, the on-site security provided by the Club prevents most trouble, stopping it before most problems fully occur. Finally, the premises are owned by a member of the Giovanni Clan, who takes a dim view of problems caused and damage done in his establishment, and is willing to take action against troublemakers, which may cause more than mere discomfort for all eternity.

Signor Giovanni, the Anubis Club Owner
Signor Giovanni
Anubis Club Proprietor

In addition to the secure locale in which to relax, there are many other services available at and through the Club. There are additional secure facilities available for rental by those who so desire them. Vitae for those needing a drop to restore them is available on the premises. For those interested in the Occult, the Club can arrange instruction and performance of Arcane rituals. For those interested in expanding their abilities, certain Disciplines can be arranged through the Club. Finally, for those who need more specific personal services, from body-guarding to investigations, the Club can make arrangements with suitable providers. In all, a Kindred's needs can be met for a small fee.

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