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Employment Opportunities

The Anubis Club is owned by Signor Bron Giovanni. Its operations are run by the Hydra Corporation, a management company which has secured the rights to maintain the daily activities of the Club.

The Hydra Corporation

From time to time, employment opportunities arise at the Club, either for permanent employment, a one-time performance, or as an independent contractor to whom work is referred. Areas of potential employment are listed below.

Dr Ted Vail works the Front Desk
Dr Ted Vail works the Front Desk

Front Desk - Those who work the front desk must have a respectful attitude towards potential guests, but must also be thorough and rigorous with their procedures in order to keep the Club private and safe. The ability to perceive that which is not normally apparent, Auspex, is extremely necessary, bordering on mandatory, for those who would work at this position. Shifts typically run two hours, with a payment of $400.

Security - These individuals are responsible for maintaining a peaceful atmosphere in the Club, As such, they must be able to be polite but firm in their dealing with the clientele. Their actual abilities may vary, although if using combat powers, the ability to Grapple someone in place is very useful. Also potentially useful would be the ability to put a troublemaker into a state of catatonia until help arrives, or to send them fleeing the area. Shifts typically run two hours, with a payment of $400.

Entertainment - We are constantly on the lookout for entertainment to provide our members with a new experience. This can vary from musical performances, to poetry and literary experiences, to more outlandish entertainments. The important facet is the ability to stir interest in jaded Kindred. Typical performances last from 15 minutes to half an hour, and payment is negotiable.

Billy Bennett and Sam work Security
Billy Bennett and Sam work Security

Independent Contractors - There are a number of areas in which the Club maintains files of competent outside contractors to provide services for clients- the occult, security and investigation ranking high among them. Competent individuals may wish to approach the Club management to be placed on that list, so that when such work as they might handle appears, it can be referred to them. While the payments will vary depending on the client, the work and the talents of the contractee, he Club takes a share of the fee for its referral, and rewards reliable individuals with more frequent work.

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