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The Anubis Club is more than a simple place for Kindred to relax their wearied minds and bodies. It is also a cultural center for all the Kindred in the City, providing entertainment to stimulate both the mind and the desires that each Kindred locks within.

First, searching throughout the confines of the city, we locate and produce the finest performers in Atlanta. There is no charge for these entertainments, they are simply our contribution to the cultural refinements of Atlanta. One can be assured that only the truly enlightened will be in attendance as these performances are reserved for the elite of Kindred society, those who become members of our distinguished club.

In the past, we have frequently acquired the musical talents of local musicians, whose dark and mysterious playing have transformed the Club into an otherworldly garden of delights.

A Ventrue admires the Anubis Club
A Ventrue admires the Anubis Club
Damon Young performs in the Anubis Club
Damon Young at the Anubis Club

One such performer was Diana Obscura, a cellist and vocalist who performs with a local ensemble, Aphelion, and whose haunting melodies echoed throughout the Club's February Performance, amidst the silence of entranced and unbreathing Kindred.

The Anubis Club was also graced by the acoustical stylings of classical guitarist, Damon Young, a member internationally known band, the Changelings.

In August, the Anubis Club is looking forward to hosting the performance of Cosmic Josh Brown on sitar to celebrate the one year anniversary of the Club and the 8th anniversary of Atlanta's establishment as a Camarilla domain.

Having catered to the sublime at one extreme, we have also satisfied the beast that hides within us all. Here we see a performance by Madame Eva and her loyal slave, Moncrief, devotees and performers at a local club called the Chamber, as they explore the realms of domination and submission.

Although such human emotions as lust have long passed from us, the beast within responds well to the implicit danger and power that the two represent, a stirring within that gloriously threatens our control.

Madame Eva and Slave Moncrief
Madame Eva and Slave Moncrief

We are constantly searching for talent to bring before the community, and intend to extend ourselves in the future. With additional musical performances being arranged, we also look for those capable of stirring emotions within us all, through poetry and dramatic performances, as well as exhibitions of art in all its forms. For those Kindred with an interest and a talent in this area, we will provide not only an outlet for those abilities, but also financial remuneration for sharing those talents with the elite of our establishment.

There have been other special events held at the Anubis Club, in addition to the entertainment performances. In March of this year, a grand wedding was held for the Lady Dechalla of House Moussillon. The Anubis Club also hosts more solemn, but no less spectacular, events such as the Wake of Vittorio Enzo Giovanni that was held in April.

Also never forget that the Anubis Club is a center for commerce. An infrequent visitor to our city, Salvatore Giovanni, the uncle of the Club's owner, frequently brings interesting items to the attention of the Atlanta Kindred. When he does so, an auction of many strange and wondrous items is held. These are items the likes of which are not duplicated anywhere else.

An Auction led by Salvatore Giovanni
An Auction led by Salvatore Giovanni

These specialty items have ranged from weapons of unique quality to specialized items such as a Golden Chalice that transforms vitae in its depths into a feast for any palate to special vials of Aquam Spiritus that give the gift of improving the potency of one's blood without the normal curse.

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