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Investigative Services

Secrets abound in the City of Atlanta, and where such things exist there is the potential for profit. Where people desire such information, there are those Kindred who are willing to use their skills to discover it. For a small fee of course.

Although one might think of investigators as the heroes of the film noir genre, such as Sam Spade; our private eyes are Kindred, and as such they have a wide variety of abilities to use when attempting to discover things. Prices will need to be negotiated on an individual basis, and will depend on the nature of the task, the difficulty required in the gathering of the information desired and the skills of the investigator.

There are several abilities that allow the investigator to remain unobserved while making his investigation, allowing access to areas that would otherwise be unreachable, and to watch others and listen to their conversations without their knowledge. The more extreme of these abilities allows rapid access to any unwarded area, meaning that no secret there is truly safe.

Then there are abilities that allow the removal of information from others by direct means. The most brutal is to take someone to a location undisclosed, and threaten and harm them until they spill their guts. While inexpensive, this is both dangerous and fallible. There are more efficient, if similarly direct methods, however, that can be used. This may mean directly accessing their mind, or forcing them with one's will to reveal the truth, but this method is both brutally efficient and lacking subtlety. This can be remedied with certain other abilities, however, that can alter memories to prevent that individual from recalling that such events took place.

The Power of Mental Persuasion

There are, however, more subtle means of retrieving information from someone. One could use the power of one's presence to make a potential informant truly adore oneself, so that they are happy to reveal their information. One could take on the appearance of someone that they trusted in order to convince them to disclose their secrets. One could also use the potency of one's vitae to bond someone to oneself, taking their love and using it to extract the necessary data. All of these are more subtle, and less certain, means of achieving the same effect.


Finally, there are those who have extensive networks of contacts and informants through the Atlanta area, who may be willing to allow someone the benefit of their knowledge and investigative ability in return for a fee. This is more likely for events that need researching at a Gathering than over the course of a month, and the price for such information is likely to be high, but the breadth of information that can be recovered in such a manner is astounding.

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