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The mysteries of death avoid us all, for though we are immortal, we cannot pierce that final veil between the realms of the living and the dead. Except of course for the Giovanni, Necromancers who have devoted their unlives to studying the mysteries of death. The owner of the Anubis Club is a member of that Clan, and is cognizant of these mysteries. He is also willing to use these abilities on the behalf of others, for a price.

Of course, Signor Giovanni is a man of many interests, and is not always available for such services. His time is precious and prices must be negotiated for each service, but what he is capable of providing is unique amongst the inhabitants of Atlanta.

Necromancy, the Path of the Dead

Signor Giovanni may be able to provide the following services for those who sufficiently interest him.

Channel the Lost - The dead have not entirely left us behind. When one holds their corporeal remains, one has a tie to their spirit that permits one skilled in the arts of Necromancy to recall them to our plane. Once recalled, a Necromancer can make inquiries to their spirit, asking three questions that the spirit can be compelled to answer truthfully about events prior to their demise.

Bron Giovanni is an accomplished Necromancer
Bron Giovanni, the Necromancer

Reclaim the Soul - There are twin aspects to this ability, one light and one dark. The lighter aspect allows the Necromancer to reach the soul of a Kindred who has entered torpor and force it to reinhabit its body. The darker aspect allows the Necromancer to completely strip the soul from the body, and place it suspended within a vial of water. This Aquam Spiritus, as it is called, contains the essence of a Kindred, and if consumed provides that essence to the imbiber. It is important to note that this ability can even be performed on the ashen remains of a deceased Cainite.

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