Anubis the Jackal Anubis Club
A Tour of the Club

Through the main doors lies a place apart from the maddening crowd, where Kindred can gather in luxury and peace. The Anubis Club is the height of taste, decorated in an Egyptian fashion reminiscent both of its name, and the leanings of its distinguished owner. Its candle and lamp-lit interior provides a haven from the harsh light of modern implements, and soothes with its calming darkness.

From the moment that you enter, our staff provides security against intrusion, making certain that only members and wealthy visitors remain on the premises.

As you pass on to the Club proper, tantalizing refreshments are displayed, available for a price to those with the desire.

One need only speak to a staff member to have such delights delivered to one's table.

The Anubis Club

Suriyel and Skyler greet guests at the door

Enjoying a game of chance

The many tables throughout the main room provide comfortable oases for the members who partake of their use.

Whether they would prefer a quiet conversation...or wish to simply rest and observe those around them.

Quiet conversations enjoyed in style

John Simpson Dyer
A Manager of the Club

The Ventrue, as a Clan of refined taste and wealth, maintain a reserved table in the Club for their members.

They gather there each Elysium to Toast nights gone by, and the Traditions of their Clan.

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