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Taste of Vitae

Vitae- the essence of our unlives in a stolen drink from a mortal vessel. We each feed from the kine of the world, tasting their red nectar like a fine wine, or draining it with crude dispatch. Yet, there are times when there is not enough for us to be sated, when there is no time for the lingering hunt to acquire the sustenance that we need.

It is for those times, when circumstances require a casual drink or necessitate an immediate draught, that the Anubis Club provides vitae for its members. For a moderate price, those in need can acquire that sanguine necessity from our premises with a minimum of fuss or time.

Vitae is kept on the premises for sale to those who so desire, in sufficient quantities for most needs. For exceptional amounts, or in times of great demand, arrangements may be needed in advance. The prices and quantities may be found below.

A Cainite enjoys vitae in style from a silver chalice
A Cainite enjoys vitae in style from a silver chalice

For those interested in acquiring vitae for use outside the Club, we are ready to provide the necessary convenience for a Kindred in a hurry. Pay for such vitae upon receipt of it, and be on your way in little time.

Signor Giovannis vast collection of rarefied vintages
Signor Giovanni keeps detailed ledgers
of his vast collection of select vintages
  • 1 Draught- Container Included $150
  • 1 Draught- No Container $100
  • 2 Draughts- Container Included $250
  • 2 Draughts- No Container $200
  • 5 Draughts- Container Included $600
  • 5 Draughts- No Container $500

For those who desire a sip of something vital while enjoying the amenities of the Club, vitae is available for table service. A simple request, and payment upon its delivery, results in the finest of vintages to be savored in your repose.

Price per Draught $100

Golden Lotus members receive a 25% discount on purchases of vitae through table service.

For those who have sensitive palates, the Anubis Club can make arrangements for securing special vintages for either enjoyment at the Club or outside it, at normal Club prices. However, there must be sufficient advanced warning, description of the vintage desired, and payment in advance.

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