The Path of Bones

Show no fear of death.
Fear inhibits learning.

Never fail to study an occurrence of death.
Refusal to learn indicates refusal to understand.

Perform no accidental killing.
There is no opportunity to gain insight.

Never postpone feeding when hungry.
Denial of the self serves no greater purpose.

Do not succumb to frenzy.
The beast is irrational, and emotion serves little to advance understanding.

Never refuse to kill when an opportunity presents itself.
Experimentation proves theory, and without proof there is no conclusion.

Never make decisions based on emotion.
Vampires are dead; so, too, are their emotions.

Never inconvenience yourself for another's benefit.
Death is inevitable; what meaning does easing another's doomed discomfort have?

Never needlessly prevent a death.
One must not prevent the cycle, but should learn from it.

Never actively prevent a death.
Such emotional ties befit humans, not Kindred.

The Ethics of the Path of Bones

  • Study death in all its permutations.
  • Determine when death occurs; define it.
  • Search for a purpose for death and the life that prefaces it.
  • Quantify the differences of death by various causes.
  • Achieve a comfort with death and unlife -- distinguish between damnation and salvation.
  • Hasten death's arrival, should it seem to be unnaturally delayed.