Occult Tomes

Bron Giovanni
Bron Ignatius Umberto Giovanni
Up until March of 2001, Bron Giovanni was the sole representative of his Family that resided in the city of Atlanta. Recently, another Giovanni has arrived, Cesare Ernesto Valentino Giovanni. Allegedly sent to Atlanta in June of 1999 to help develop a new business relationship between the Giovanni and the Camarilla Kindred living in the Southeastern United States, Bron has proven to be socially savvy, financially capable and politically neutral.

Bron Giovanni was the owner and proprietor of the Anubis Club, a central hub of the social elite in Atlanta and an acknowledged Elysium. The club was sold to Quincy McLintock of Maverick Industries in February of 2001 and is now being managed by Mistress Mayfair of Clan Brujah under the name "The Manor."

When owned by Bron Giovanni, the Anubis Club was frequently the location of live performances, artistic displays and significant social events in Atlanta's Cainite society. Take a moment to look over some of the past events.

Live music by Cellist Diana McCrary
The Wake of Vittorio Enzo Giovanni

If you are interested in learning more about the Anubis Club, you can peruse the Anubis Club website. Although the club is now under different name, management and ownership, there is currently no new website for the club.

Bron Giovanni is rumored to have some unusual perspectives on how a Kindred should conduct his affairs. Perhaps these notes on the Path of Bones may provide some insight into his mind.