The Graveyard

Ambrose Finch, former Elder of Clan Malkavian

disappeared. 1996. current status unknown.

Born during World War II and Embraced in the late 1960s, Ambrose Finch was notorious amongst the Kindred of London for His acts of perverse and calculated sadism. The grapevine has it that He once spent several hours tattooing His signature repeatedly over the entire body of a slave who had displeased Him, forcing her to flay her own skin off and regenerate it to remove the markings. He came to Atlanta in 1995 as an executive of the Vortex Corporation, a manufacturing conglomerate of hazily-defined purpose. He was accompanied from London by His childe Lisette, who is rarely away from His side, and Sinclair, a vampire from New York whom Finch recently placed in the CEO's chair at Vortex, just before His own resignation. Call Him "Mister Finch" unless you're an old friend....

Early in 1996, Finch received a revelation of His true destiny. He is in fact the third Incarnation of the Great Enlightened One Dionysos, god of madness, ecstasy and excess. Rumors of His cult continue to spread throughout the city, to the displeasure of the Prince, but few of these rumors have yet been verified.

Ambrose disappeared several years ago and his whereabouts remain unknown.


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