The Graveyard

Anastasia Malik of Clan Malkavian

disappeared. current status unknown.

Anastasia Malik, the proprietor of "Anastasia's Oddities" in the Little Five Points area of Atlanta, was a local expert on the occult when she caught the attention of Ozymandius Hasp. (What else she caught from him is not yet known). Over the last few years they developed an unusual relationship. Ozzy would pop in just after dark, whisk her away on some indescribable adventure, and then redeposit her safe and sound at her shop before daylight. It was not long before she began to suspect that Ozzy was not your average human (or vampire, for that matter).

Shy and retiring, Anastasia easily succumbed to Ozzy's charms, and began spending more and more time researching his various projects. Although most of the time she never saw any visible results of her efforts, she enjoyed making him happy and found the bond between them growing stronger.

Eventually, one night Ozymandius appeared on her apartment doorstep. (A move that surprised even her because she had never told him where she lived). He was carrying a rather oversized box, wrapped up as a gift. Delighted, Anastasia opened the box and removed a large, antique jack-in-the-box. As the music played, she listened and smiled until "POP!" out went the lights...

When Anastasia awoke, she was forever changed. She finds life as a Kindred most confusing, and has had little help adjusting to their society from Hasp. Fortunately (or perhaps unfortunately), due to Hasp's status as Prince, she has been thrust full force into the political arena in Atlanta. She currently sits on the Primogen as representative for Clan Malkavian. Only time will tell what will befall her.

It is rumored that Anastasia had a confrontation with an occultist by the name of Emil deTourac, who had become involved with Anastasia's sire, Ozymandius Hasp. Hasp had extended the protection of the Traditions to his contact, and it was rumored that he might possibly embrace Emil as well. Enraged, Anastasia murdered Emil in cold blood, and planned to present her head to Hasp as a "gift."

Unfortunately, Anastasia's plans to present Hasp with this token of her esteem were stymied by the disappearance of Hasp, and she has not been seen since shortly thereafter.


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