The Graveyard

Aregano Firegutt

Status. Fled the city, presumed hunted by Clan Giovanni.
Date. June 2000

Aregano Firegutt was the gangrel that got all of the Gangrel to kill the Elder in the woods in October of 94. The Gangrel then burned the body and sprinkeled his ashes over an underground lake. Many held suspicion over the Gangrel , but none found out . Only one Gangrel was not Forgetful Minded, Rat. He was severely injured in the battle and was at Aregano's cave trying to heal.

Aregano was the new Elder and held that position for one year. In that time Aregano began peace talks with the Garou, found out Fenris was his brother who he had been searching for 200 years and was responsible for bringing the Gangrel of Atlanta together as a family to make them stronger in Atlanta. In October of 95, Aregano was tricked into meeting the Garou on Stone Mountain to finalize a peace talk. The Garou turned out to be Black Spirils trying to prevent the Treaty. Although asked to stay, two Gangrel, one was Arik Corben, followed Aregano and were almost captured too. The last thing they saw was Aregano get Staked by the banished one and Rat and their Elder being hauled away by BSDs.

Two months later Dr. Lanyon James Parnactar cam to the city to see Aregano and tell him of his Living relative. Paranactar stayed and became the new Malk Elder and then later founded Vortex. The first Coterie of Malkavians that was run as a Corporation.

After a long absence, Aregano returned to Atlanta to serve as the Herald of House Moussillon. Unfortunately, poor planning and subtle manipulation on the part of several of Aregano's business associates caused Aregano to miss an important and substantial payment for goods and services to the Giovanni Clan. Aregano fled the city to escape indentured servitude...or worse.


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