The Graveyard

Arik Corben of Clan Gangrel

left the city. Fall 1998.

Arik has dominated clan Gangrel of Atlanta for months. His odd combination of fierce chieftain, protective Elder and fiery anti-establishment attitude have proven to be exactly the presence necessary to hold the chaotic Gangrel and the Pack in check. The standards he holds his clan too often exceed that of the Prince and the Traditions. His rules are simple; don't do anything to be bring me or clan Gangrel grief.

Arik is known for his gruff attitude and his "in you face" style of conversation. He has shown to have precious little patience for pretentious Kindred, particular Malkavians. His clashes with former Prince Hasp are nearly legendary.

While his manner is rough and rather direct those that have crossed him have been surprised to learn that the Gangrel Elder is just as clever and resourceful as the most refined Venture.

Arik slipped in and out the public eye during the early part of 1998, and has not been publically seen in the Atlanta since late 1998. Several Gangrel are known to have seen Arik in the local Atlanta area, but he has chosen to remain distant from the rest of society.


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