The Graveyard

Benny Siegal

Whereabouts unknown.

When, on rare occasions, you find a reference to Benny Siegal you get the portrait of a ruthless killer. This former hitman of Charlie "Lucky" Luciano has the death of at least 2 mob bosses and countless no names attributed to his list of kills. After beating a murder rap in New York he became a major player in the Hollywood production circles.

There is no official record of what movies he financed, but large amounts of money, from various producers, ended up in his pocket. After his time in Hollywood, he moved to the future Mafia Mecca known as Las Vegas. He threatened, coerced, bribed, and blackmailed several people to get ownership of the Flamingo Lounge. During the building process he is rumored to have skimmed millions of the Mafia's dollars off the top of the construction costs. After several months the Mafia noticed. By vote of the commission a contract was placed on his head. From here the history books will tell you that he was killed in his Beverly Hills home by a Mafia hitman. No one other than Benny Siegal and Al Capone know the real story of what happened that night.

After his alleged death, Benny began working in Chicago as an enforcer for Al Capone. Many anarchs learned to fear the site of Benny Siegal showing up to one of their meetings with his Tommy Gun in hand. During the anarch uprising in the 1960s Benny fought on the side of the Prince and many anarchs lost their lives to that Tommy Gun.

Shortly after the anarch revolt Al Capone hired Benny out to Regent Nicholas of clan Tremere. Benny was teamed up with former mob associates Meyer Lansky and Tommy Rena (who was now going by the name Jonathan Damocles) to form Echo Mirage, the Tremere's new enforcer squad. Echo Mirage traveled the world eliminating the enemies of clan Tremere, eventually landing in Atlanta. Shortly after their arrival, Benny was attributed with the death of one of the Brujah elders. Prince Hasp then ordered Benny Siegal to leave the city under the threat of a blood hunt. Rumor has it that he remained in the city and went into hiding.

A year after his disappearance Benny returned to Atlanta and was welcomed with open arms back into the Brujah clan. After the death of Prince Wallace Earle and the resignation of Elder Eric Scheider, Benny was offered the position to rule the clan. He turned it down, but ended up assuming the position in a non-violent coup against Corwyn Del Ray. He held that position for 5 months before stepping down to assume the position of Sheriff under Prince Thorian Vryce.


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