The Graveyard

Bobby Ray

Status. Banished
Date. Februrary 2000

Born mortal in the fall of 71, Atlanta Ga.
Had a normal f$@ked up childhood.
Was born into darkness, 1997, Aspen Col.
Came home in the Winter of 98.
Things have never looked brighter to him.

Bobby Ray has always felt music, and pursues audio mixing/DJ'ing as an immortal pass-time. Though never one to dance as is typicly defined, he found that one could write poetry on the commercial fringe of physics and chemistry. In other words, Bobby discovered a passion for Hallucinogens and Laser Pens. Which Bobby, only now, 'sort-of' jokingly refers to as his Dragons. Being something of a dare devil, friends who appreciated the 'art' of it encouraged Bobby to take this show to some clubs where the music would suit him.

Not too long after, things kept getting curiouser and curiouser. One club seemed to take better notice of his requests and what not. People there wanted to ask about the what and why of Bobby's interest in such expression. Other people were showing up with pens and glo-stiks when there had been no history of it. He was entranced by the attention and started spending most of his social time there. Then he met Michelle, and just short months later he found himself in Aspen with a whole new perspective.

In Aspen he was shown what is 'Good' about the Good Life. 'Raised' almost exclusively among Toreador, Ventrue and Gangrel, Bobby gained a healthy respect and modest understanding of these clans. With anyone else Bobby just plays by gut reaction. Fortunately for him, Bobby was blessed with abundant ability in his embrace. Thus ensuring he could take care of himself in most situations as well as endear himself to those who would befriend him.

As time drew on Bobby felt home pulling him. Options seemed obvious. Stay and spend many years growing to understand his Sires home, and returning to Atlanta, 'his' only home. On one hand, Aspen, a wonderland populated by three small coteries with lots of pull. The other, Atlanta, Camarilla arm pit of the North American territory. The decision wasn't easy.

Bobby knows Atlanta pretty well. Having lived here 25 years he knows the people and the City. Besides he can be a stuborn and charming bastard when he wants. So after much persuasion, discussion and plotting, Michelle made sure he knew enough not to be killed on sight or to embarrass her terribly, and set him loose.

Bobby Ray has been back home for many months now. He's made a few friends and hasn't found out yet who would be his enemies. He's made a few mistakes, though all he can say is 'at least they were cool ones to make'. His experience is growing in leaps and bounds and he hopes to spend eternity relearning Atlanta, from an ever better view.

Bobby Ray's most recent and prideful acquisition upon returning to Atlanta is 'The Terminator', a heavily modified 4-ton 1960 Cadillac Hearse. Inherited from his close friend Gabriel, of Clan Gangrel, immediately after his unfortunate demise at the hands of Malkavians. Bobby has invested an absurd amount of resources building up this ferocious machine, such that it could be his mobile operation center. Gabriel was rumored to have bought the vehicle from Wayne Harris, an electrical engineer at Orion (The Stereo Componant Company), so that Wayne could invest in future Projects. At present market, as a colletors item, the Hearse is worth aproximately $10,000 (a la AIT Economy).

Bobby Ray was banished from the city by order of Prince Genevieve Fontage in February of 2000 for attempting to assassinate Luther Simons, then the Primogen of Clan Gangrel, now a self-proclaimed member of Clan Tzimisce.


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