The Graveyard

"Bored" of Clan Brujah

died. September 1998

When pressed, he gave his name as Frank Jameson, but he only liked to be called by his nickname, Bored. A Brujah with an attitude (what other kind is there?), Bored was also the possessor of an extremely short attention span. Bored was always looking for some excitement, which was one of the reasons he became a vampire. Bored tended to stand out in a crowd - purple spiked hair and wildly colored clothing were some common distinguishing accoutrements.

Bored came to Atlanta in April of 1996, as a member of group calling themselves "The Pack". Bored, along with the Pack, had risen in notoriety in Atlanta after a series of events that perhaps best not be recounted here...

"I've looked my fate in the eye, I've seen what the future has in store for me in the rage distorted faces of the Pack..." - from the journal of Jonathan Henry Drake

In September of 1998, Bored was slain by a member of the Sabbat publically believed to have been an Assamite. In an odd twist of fate considering his brutal nature, Bored died protecting two neonates from the Assamite. The Assamite was later slain.


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