The Graveyard

Clairr Corbeau of Clan Malkavian

died. October 1997

The Malkavian Clairr Corbeau held the distinction of being the longest surviving denizen of Atlanta until her apparent demise during the destruction of the Family in late October of 1997.

She was a Kindred of remarkable fortitude and longevity as well as startling extremes. At times she literally disappeared from public sight only to emerge as the Prince apparent in a Praxis seizure or at the head of provocative art movement. Sometimes she would be withdrawn and silent while at other times she seemed to possess a manic purpose and energy.

Her past is sprinkled with other associations and accomplishments of note including membership in the infamous Cult of Sekhmet, member and Elder of clan Toreador (a long standing ruse) and member of the Family. Her skills as an artist were renowned although some believe a bit morbid.

It seems that no one truly understood this enigmatic and unpredictable Malkavian even in death.


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