The Graveyard

Cougar of Clan Brujah

left the city. November 1997

Cougar was embraced in 1872 by the then Brujah Elder of San Francisco. Cougar was part of a brood this elder was developing to do special operations for the Camarilla. The last verified sighting of Cougar prior to Atlanta was Mexico City where he was seen leaving with several other individuals from the scene of the Archbishop of Mexico City death. There are many rumors concerning the existence of several Camarilla special ops but the identities are unverifiable.

When Cougar first arrived in Atlanta he infiltrated clan Toreador by posing as a Toreador poser. He served as strong arm for the then Toreador Elder, Lady Kia and as protector of Clan Toreador. Within months Cougar revealed in a Primogen meeting that he was in fact Brujah. Though it was now known that he had been posing as a Toreador, an even stronger bond was formed between Cougar and Clan Toreador. Cougar was given the Toreador Ankh by Lady Kia which signified him as a warrior or knight of Clan Toreador.

Cougar went freelance mercenary shortly thereafter, but was unable to find any that can afford his abilities. Cougar is known to have an extreme dislike of pompous and arrogant people which includes most of Clans Ventrue and Tremere.

Rumor has it that after the rise of Prince Wallace, Cougar left and went to Boston where he hooked up with a Camarilla Black ops group and is back to doing work for the Camarilla. Cougar has not been seen or heard from since.


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