The Graveyard

Courtland of Clan Tremere

The Kindred known as Courtland was rumored to be an inhabitant of Atlanta from a few years ago that left under sudden and unspecified circumstances. Unfortunately few if any of the Kindred from that time are alive or still in the city, making his previous presence in Atlanta fairly open to speculation.

A few facts have been gleaned, however:

  • He was in close cooperation with clan Toreador, perhaps even a member.

  • He held the position of Harpy at one time. A fact that he seems to be quiet proud of.

  • He was involved with a rivalry with some of the Kindred from that time.

    Courtland made a sudden and unexpected return to Atlanta Society during the summer of 1998. His whirlwind return was as interesting as his original history and presence when last seen in the city. He was quickly promoted to a position of power under Prince Sergei and then promptly disappear again without a word or gesture. He has not been seen recently, although rumors of his demise have been completely dismissed.

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