The Graveyard

Dixie Krystal of Clan Malkavian

disappeared. Spring 1998. presumed dead.

Dixie Krystal was a study in contradictions. A childe of Malkav, educated by a Ventrue, protected by a Gangrel, and wishing to be a Toreador. Her life was as chaotic and interesting as you might expect from a child embraced as a Malakvian.

Dixie spent her human childhood as the pampered only daughter of a wealthy Alabama cotton farmer. A very eligible young lady of fourteen she was enjoying the balls, parties, picnics and fun as a true "southern Belle," when suddenly the civil war erupted - plunging her into a living nightmare. Her family home was destroyed. She had to spend several days hiding in a root cellar, where her father had locked her for protection from marauders.

She was found and embraced by an unknown Malkavian - presumably in an effort to save her from the ravages of the Civil War. However, her Sire then disappeared. His only legacy having been the Embrace and the unique properties of being Malkavian.

Seanna Carlisle, a Venture, found Dixie wandering in the forest near her home - lost, starving, confused, and alone. She took her in and trained her in the Camarilla traditions and what it means to be Kindred of the Blood of Caine. Together, they spent the next hundred years asleep in the vaults Seanna built to protect them from the depredations of the human's war.

Dixie and Seanna awoke and joined the Kindred of the city of Huntsville, where they spent the next ten years. They moved to Atlanta early in 1997.

Shortly after arriving in Atlanta, Dixie was taken in by the Gangrel Kevlar and passively adopted as a Gangrel. However, the next few years were anything but tame. Dixie was a magnet for trouble and eventually something found her that she could not escape. She disappeared in the spring of 1998 and is presumed dead, although the reasons or persons behind such an act have never become clear.


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