The Graveyard

Dr Martin-Lucas Prozac

Whereabouts unknown. Missing since October 1996

One of the strangest bedfellows Atlanta has ever known, Dr. Prozac was a Malkavian with no qualms towards anyone. Amiable, selfless and "eager to help in any way possible", Prozac found himself in many, MANY odd positions throughout his stay in Atlanta.

Dr. Prozac was described by many as "a strange one", recognized by his distinguished spectacles, his consistantly wet hair, and his large blue-velvet bow tie. Always at his side was his small, boxy "doctor's bag", the contents of which were seemingly random and insignificant... although SOME say it contained vital information on various Kindred, VORTEX building plans, dossiers on powerful beings, charts on the infamous Lugo-men, and so on.

Seen in the company of many powerful Kindred, Dr. Prozac was a common fixture around The Arts Exchange. He was always willing to lend a hand to any cause; from locating precious artifacts & information, to (ahem) dispatching various problems.

At one time, he was Head Secretary of VORTEX Int., and was rumoured to hold the abilities (and limitations) of many potent Kindred in his head. But never did he use these facts for his own benefit... one reason he was respected so, some say.

Although he was never cruel to anyone, even going so far as to lead Kine off of Camarilla grounds, he suddenly vanished without a trace in October of 1996.

Most say he was murdered, problably for his "doctor's bag". Others say it was for his blood. Still others claim that he was slaughtered by the Sabbat for refusing to join their ranks.

Still, a very few say he is still alive, and still helping others "in any way possible". This last story is farfetched... but, a nice thought, eh?

"Prozac's Bag" is still reportedly floating around Atlanta somewhere, containing information and other unguessable oddities. Some say his dead spirit haunts it, keeping the information up-to-date and accurate. The Tremere and the Ventrue supposedly have an interest in it, as well as the Nosferatu.

In closing, Dr. Martin-Lucas Prozac was a rare breed of Vampire... noble, helpful, and always cheery. He will be missed.

... but, if you happen to spy a soggy figure standing on a streetcorner, staring up into the pouring rain, don't be surprised.


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