The Graveyard

Ellana Daniels, Caitiff

died. Fall 1998

Ellana Daniels was a caitiff best remembered for sowing a great deal of chaos through the most devious and non-physical of means. An Astral Projector by nature, few personages in the city of Atlanta even knew her real name, and even fewer had ever seen her in the flesh.

Referred to as the "Ghost" by some of her associates, she has also been refered to as "The One Who Watches." Rumored to be linked to the now deceased Brujah Jack Wild either in blood or in history, she spent a great deal of time in his company after first arriving in ths city but moved on to create her own mark after Jack's death.

Although the exact means of her death are not known. Sergei has repeatedly confirmed that she is in fact dead. Her disappearance was sudden but not completely unexpected in the various circles of power. The only fact that is remarkable is the corresponding disappearance of the Ventrue Seanna Carlisle which happned the same month.


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