The Graveyard

Elsbeth York, former Regent of Clan Tremere

left the city.

Born in England in the mid 19th century, and spending her mortal youth traveling the globe with her wealthy mortal father, Elsbeth Catherine York has always known a life of variety. She was Embraced in mysterious circumstances somewhere in central Africa, and sources place her early tutelage as an acolyte of House Tremere contradictorily in Cairo, Egypt, and Vienna, Austria.

Her interests have always centered on the esoteric; rumors state that reason for her Embrace can be found in "strange powers" she was rumored to have possessed in her mortal days. Highlights of her post-Embrace existence include (but are by no means limited to): receiving her doctorate in Comparative Metaphysics and Parapsychology at the University of Vienna, assistance in the study and excavation of the Mayan city of Palenque with the esteemed Alberto Bruce, assistance in the founding of the University of Rio de Janeiro and finally, attaining the Regency of Atlanta while on assignment there to study strange demonic activities in the area.

She has always been known for her warm and gregarious nature...often, while serving directly for her peers in Vienna, she was chosen to act as a liaison between the Tremere and various Clans in the area who were distrustful of the House, particularly the Gangrel. Certainly her behavior varies from what one would expect of the Tremere...her stated belief in the "freedissemination of information" seems sincere, proven by her unfailing willingness to instruct other Kindred in the use of ritual magic.

During her last days in Atlanta, Elsbeth grew distant even from her closest friends and associates. Problems between herself and clan Tremere had come and gone but they had left their mark on her. No longer publically fully trusted and respected by her clan, it was at one point rumored that Clan Tremere had killed her when she was absent for a period of three months.

Elsbeth has since quietly moved on. Her exact whereabouts are unknown.


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