The Graveyard

Erik Corley of Clan Ventrue

missing. presumed dead. February 26th, 2000.

Eric Corley, once a student at IOU, has long been an associate of Clan Ventrue, and now joins as a full member. In the time since Mr. Corley has come to Atlanta, he has founded Heorot Inc., and is now the company's president.

Heorot Inc. offers its services to any member of the Ventrue, and, indeed, nearly anybody at all, for a price. Said services range from occult research to goods acquisition to 'retirement to whatever job needs to be done. Mr. Corley himself, besides running the company, specializes in information services and security.

Some notable projects of Heorot Inc. in the past include: the research of the Ritual of the Hidden Flame accomplished in one night, the breach of the Nosferatu super computer, a number of minor Masquerade smooth-overs performed free of charge, several 'retirements, and, most notably, we have lived to use the above incidents as advertising. If you are interested in doing business with Heorot Inc., either as a client or an operative, you should contact Mr. Corley or any of his Dedicated Agents, recognizable by the mark on their foreheads.

Erik assumed the role of Ventrue Primogen in the early part of 2000, only to go missing a few weeks later. He is presumed dead.


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