The Graveyard

Erik Lassetter, former Chairman of the Ventrue Senate, Seneschal to Prince Augustus Caesar, Seneschal to Prince Wallace Earle

died. December 1997

Erik Lassetter was a Welsh sailor on the HMS Majestic Fortune. He was a member of a trading expedition to Japan in the year 1834. The ship encountered a fierce storm in the seas south of Japan. Erik was in the crow's nest and as he struggled to climb down the rigging, he was blown overboard. He was washed ashore on the mainland of Japan in a small fishing community. There he was captured by the villagers and taken before a local Tong leader. Erik was beaten and tortured as a barbarian spy before one of the tong clan leaders took pity on him and offered to instruct the savage in the ways of the civilized people.

Erik became the property of Sensi Dokiku, a yakuza tattooist. And was instructed in the art of tattooing. He perfected this art form after years of practice. He was with his master on a journey north to the trading center of "The City of Lights" when he learned that a Spanish missionary ship was in the harbour of the city. Erik escaped his yakuza owners and fled to the ship where he bargained with the first mate for passage back to Europe.

Once back in Europe Erik began to travel about tattooing the rich nobility of Europe. He made a sizeable fortune as he was the only tattooist in the occident and his "surgeries," as he called them, were in high demand. For awhile he referred to himself as Dr. Lassetter and treated tattooing as a medical procedure.

He then gained the attention of Hartford Gaurer, a Ventrue Ancilla, and was embraced into Clan Ventrue on May 11th 1847.

Erik Lassetter has lived in the city of Atlanta for the past few year and with his partner Charlie, operated a chain of business that cater to a particular subculture. He controlled the tattooing/body piercing-modification salons of Atlanta as well as a host of S&M, B&D and leather fetish stores.

Erik was well known in the city of Atlanta for his progressive political ideas and his protective attitude towards Kine. He was a strong proponent of ruling the killing Kine as a breach of the Masquerade; and as such looks down upon those Kindred who can't control their hunger.

Many of Erik's visionary policies were instituted under the brief reign of Prince Wallace Earle. Erik perished at the hands of an unknown assailant on the same night Earle himself was assassinated by Sergei who then assumed the throne. Although there is no direct evidence linking the events many refuse to believe the two to be isolated incidents.


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