The Graveyard

Euchrid Yossarian of Clan Toreador

disappeared. Fall 1997. believed converted to the Sabbat.

When asked about his life before the Embrace, Euchrid would only say "I am as I artist." It was commonly known that he was Embraced before 1850, but his origins otherwise remain a mystery.

He travelled throughout the world, from the bright streets of Paris to the seediest alleys of Morocco, and used what he learned to encourage other Kindred to seek what many only consider to be a myth: the spiritual transcendence known as Golconda.

"Art is the Truth, and the Truth will set you free."

He spent most of his unlife collecting spiritual truths and incorporating them into a complex system of enlightenment, and wherever he went, he gathered around him those who would seek truth.

"By submitting to what you honestly know about being both dead and alive, you can release yourself from the pain that is this black and damned existence."

His art has been both praised and panned during his time, as he used the paintbrush, the pen and the most radical instrument possible, his own body. While his paintings, poetry and prose have been described as "disturbing," he was best known for his self-mutilation.

"The lick of the blade across my skin spells atonement for the horrors we inflict upon each other and the humans. "

He earnestly believes that what he said and did are all part of a pattern to guide others up the ladder to awakening. Some say he was been driven mad by the passing of time and the intensity of his art.

But some say he was right....and he just might be.

"The Lamb healed the world for mankind. I heal the world for those of us whom the Lamb forgot. Follow, and the vision of forever is yours for the first time. "

Euchrid disappeared under interesting and unique circumstance in the fall of 1997. Although no one will step forward to assert a final answer, it is believed that the former Toreador Elder Kia Ashford might somehow be involved in his disappearance. His death has never been confirmed, nor has his disappearance been investigated. Although recent rumors have been circulating that he is now a ranking member of the Sabbat, living in Orlando.


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