The Graveyard

Eva O of Clan Nosferatu

left the city.

Eva O. was a little known Nosferatu neonate from Orlando. She had taken up the company of the Malkavians, apparently, and seemed to want little to do with the Nosferatu proper. Her true form was never seen, but she usually appeared as a teenage "goth-chick" wearing a white face-mask.

She had been overheard by a number of people speaking of a "Master" and that this person had extremely powerful enemies. Unverified reports had been given that she has had what seem to be seizures of some sort, where she entered a trance and speaks of some vast and ancient evil approaching Atlanta.

Eva reportedly left town in fear of her unlife, as her seizures increased and fearful that some force would control her actions, using her to threaten and taunt various Kindred in the city.


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