The Graveyard

Eva Sieg of Clan Brujah

killed. April 1998

Born in 1920 in Berlin, Eva has known chaos her entire existence. Her parents were killed during a riot between the communists and the brownshirts when she was very young. Forced out on the streets, she worked "verschiedene" jobs for food and shelter. One fateful day, a kind woman took her in, and began to teach her the ways of the Caberet. This soon became her home, and she loved her foster mother with utter devotion.

1930s Berlin, for those who do not know, was an extremely volatile environment. Erratic and brutal raids by the SS constantly took place. During one of these raids, her foster mother whisked her to a underground hiding place, one Eva had never before seen. All her mother asked was, "Do you want to be with me forever?" Eva was transfixed, but could answer freely. "Yes", she whispered. Swept into her arms, the world went black.

When she awoke, her mother taught her the ways of her new Weltanschauung. Life went on as before, until the Nazi oppresion was just too much. Too many times the Caberet was closed down for no reason. Afraid that they would be shipped away to unknown destinations, Eva and her foster mother boarded one of the last trains available, bound for Switzerland. However, at the checkpoint, her foster mother was forceably taken by the SS. Eva has never seen her since.

She knows that one day they will be reunited. Of that she is certain. She travels the world, hoping to find her. She has been in Atlanta for some time. Feeling somewhat comfortable here, she has decided that she will stay awhile before moving on.

Eva never got the reunion that she hoped for. She was murdered in the Spring of 1998.


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