The Graveyard

Jason McKay of Clan Malkavian

disappeared. believed in Miami.

Born in the middle 1200s, the man who would become Jason MacKay lead a very religious life. In the year 1255, an incident with some Vampires and Hunters left Jason near death. A witness to the entire event took pity on the dying man and rushed him to safety. When she felt that they were safe, she embraced him.

For the next 3 centuries, Jason lived in Europe, meddling in the affairs of the Kine. He then moved to the Americas. Not much was seen of him until 1985. He arrived in Atlanta with a gleam in his eye and a smile on his face.

The anarchy that the city seemed to be in seemed to please him. For nearly ten years, life was chaotic...Until Ashton Kincaid declared himself Prince.

When the Archon Joseph Rech first showed up, Jason left under mysterious and private circumstances. Quickly moving to Miami, he spent a year with the Tremeresupposedly collecting himself.

During 1997, Jason made a short but memorable return to Atlanta. However, as mysteriously as he had disappeared before, after a few short months he was gone again. Rumors circulate that he might have returned to Miami, although nothing has every been publically confirmed.


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