The Graveyard

Jefferson Kent of Clan Malkavian

status unknown

Jefferson Kent was an enigmatic man with a lust for power. Shortly after arriving to Atlanta, he was declared the Malkavian elder by a visiting Malkavian archon. He received this honor after winning a pranking contest in which he did not participate. He solidified his hold after introducing his protégé Tigo Paine. Many challengers to the Malkavian throne disappeared shortly thereafter. After eliminating his competition, Jefferson faked his own death as a practical joke on the Malkavians. The prank grew beyond his wildest dreams as the Malkavian clan began worshipping a toy car rumored to possess his spirit. He watched and laughed for many months. He attempted to use the prank again by assisting current elder Xavier Montenesque in faking his death. Xavier returned later that night and ruined Jefferson’s joke.

After a year of hiding in the shadows, Jefferson made a whirlwind return to the Atlanta scene. He immediately declared himself elder and became a principle advisor to Prince Robert Grimshaw. He then worked out a deal with Sebastian Young to help him gain the throne. It was on Jefferson’s advice that Robert Grimshaw stepped down. Sebastian took the throne and Jefferson was named Seneschal. The following month he led several Brujah on a raid to eliminate the Lugo-Men. The Brujah returned, but Jefferson was never seen again. It is left to speculation whether the Brujah killed him, or is he still lurking in the shadows laughing at us all.


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