The Graveyard


Left the city. Winter 2001

As told by Bruce O'Brien

"I worked with Kevlar briefly while I was a deputy of the Keeper for Wallace Earle. Seemed like a decent enough sort of fellow. I knew that he was a member of a coterie known as the Pack. It didn't take any time at all to learn that the Pack was considered to be public enemy number one by Wallace Earle and his crew. He really had it in for them."

"I remember that Kevlar always seemed to be the most calm and even tempered of the Pack members that I met. Mort was definitely the fire and brimstone talker and Kevlar was the quiet voice of reason."

"As part of my duties I was ordered to bring Kevlar to Torpor so that he could await possible punishment down in the sewer vault of Sergei Romanov. Kevlar just calmly waited for the blows to end, not a shred of savagery or vengeance on his face. Damned eerie. I've never seen a beast calmly accept it's own destruction. Bloody unnerving."

"I'm no psychiatrist, but there's more to Kevlar than the savage killer he is often claimed to be."

In the Winter of 2001 Kevlar apparently found Kindred life in Atlanta was no longer to his liking. After making a public proclamation that he no longer wished to be Keeper of Elysium and that he intended to withdraw from public life, Kevlar disappeared, as Gangrel are frequently known to do in the city of Atlanta.


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