The Graveyard

Lissette Burke of Clan Malkavian

disappeared. presumed dead.

In the extroverted, overdressed masses of Kindred thronging each Elysium, Lisette Burke was notable perhaps only for the ever-present leather collar around her throat. This collar proclaimed her the possession of one notorious for His sadism -- and His possessiveness. Lisette was the devoted slave and childe of Master Ambrose Finch, Malkavian Clan Elder. Seen almost exclusively at Finch's side, she was reluctant to speak, sparing few words for anyone but her beloved Master or his associate, Sinclair.

Several months before her death, Lisette had come into possession of a new companion: Peter Johnson, a professor at Emory University. Peter was Lisette's pride and joy - her talented pet who obeyed her commands to the letter. Although he belonged to Lisette, Peter was by relation a possession of Finch, and under His protection.

Near the time that Lisette acquired Peter, Ambrose Finch realized that He was more than this immortal flesh; He was the incarnation of Dionysus, once incarnated as Malkav. Throughout her Master's ascent to Godhead, Lisette has remained in His favor, considering herself His High Priestess and most devout follower. Her status was threatened only by her Master's followers insistence that there is a bride destined for the Enlightened One - and that it was not Lisette. His followers did not, unfortunately, ever see Him married to his true wife, Kia Ashford.

The disappearance of Master Ambrose Finch was shocking and unsettling to Lisette, whose life was devoted to serving Him and enjoying His protection. She coped with her empty home and pointless existance very poorly, and the strain was clearly visible in her flimsy attempts to pretend autonomy. She recovered some of her former strength during a brief liason with a partner whose identity was never discovered, but his abrupt break from their relationship prompted Lisette to firmly declare that "The Master is gone!" She teetered on the brink of suicide until comforted by Brother Aaron, a Kindred of remarkable Christian faith.

Lisette recovered to her normally enthusiastic, if irregular, self shortly before her disappearance from the Atlanta Arts Exchange at the end of a Gathering one summer. There is speculation that she entered another manic phase and took her own life.


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