The Graveyard

Elizabeth Rachel Grey

died. September 1997

Liza Grey, estate manager and general servant to David Fitzroy, disappeared from Sandy Creek High School on Saturday, September 27, 1997. Grey was in the employ of David Fitzroy for over 2 centuries, and traveled with him through much of Europe and over the eastern coast of The United States. At the time of her disappearance, she had been in Atlanta for a fewer than six months.

Grey was widowed age 18. She openly took over the work of her husband, then Lord Fitzroy's man of letters, when it became obvious that she had been doing the job until Fitzroy noticed his absence. When pressed for detail, she revealed that she had been covering her husband's incompetence since their marriage four years before. Grey's business acumen proved to be far superior to her skills as a socialite, and she gained a reputation both as a formidable business force and a merciless critic of the pretentious Kindred society. At the age of 28, she allowed Fitzroy to ghoul her, but consistantly refused to submit to the offerred Embrace. Among the reasons she gave were love of daylight, disgust at Kindred feeding habits, and bankers' hours.

She was occasionally seen carrying a small silver cup, used to avoid feeding by the conventional means she found revoltingly intimate.

In her short time as a resident of Atlanta, Grey made a surprising number of friendly acquaintances who are shocked and disturbed by her disappearance. Sources who were close to Mrs. Grey claim that she had only recently began to lose the deep ennui evident for several decades. Rumors that she may have been murdered are circulating, and may be under investigation.

The Kindred Garland was so disturbed by the possibility of her violent demise that he left Atlanta almost immediately after the September 27 Gathering.

It is by now public knowledge that Liza Grey was murdered in a most brutal fashion by the now-deceased former Prince of Atlanta, Wallace Earle. Lord Fitzroy still resides in the city of Atlanta, although his appearance has changed with the apparent mutilation of his face. How this wound was inflicted upon a Kindred, and his reasons for remaining in this violent city are as yet unreported.


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