The Graveyard

Lucy Bono of Clan Gangrel

died. November 1997

Lucy Bono was a Gangrel Ancilla publically known to have differences with the Pack.

After her untimely death, in November of 1997, the following eulogy was circulated among the Kindred of Atlanta:

When the snows consume the earth
and the sun gutters like a candle in the wind
then, and only then will there be born a woman,
the last Daughter of Eve,
and in her there will be decided the fate of all.

And you will not know this woman, except by the
mark of the Moon on her,
and she will face treachery, hatred, and pain
but in her is the last hope.

To dear Lucy, we bid a sad farewell, and mourn her passing. She was treasured by all who truly knew her.

To those responsible for her death, know that your time on this earth is short. Rest assured you will be hunted down and your last moments will be the most agonizing ones of your pathetic existence.

This threat and promise have yet to be fully realized.

Publically, the Gangrel Ulmont has been directly blamed for Lucy's death. Other members of the Pack have been accused but never fully proven of involvement in Lucy's death. The Primogen at the time demanded a Bloodhunt be called. Although the Bloodhunt was later removed by Prince Sergei, Ulmont left the Atlanta area and has not been seen since.


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